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At RIOT HILL we strive to combat the state of isolation whether physical or emotional, using clothes as a unifying element to build a community based on brotherhood. This has been realised in the form of a foster home.

This T-Shirt is produced out of our birthplace of Australia. We’ve also chosen an Australian based charity which a percentage of profits will be donated too.

THE PYJAMA FOUNDATION recruits volunteers to mentor children in care to change the direction of their life path. 

Directly aligned with the mission of RIOT HILL this foundation has created a guidance program to help kids in tough situations, kids that have experienced loss at an early age, kids that have had to grow up too quickly & kids who may have lost their voice throughout their personal battles. 

Both RIOT HILL & THE PYJAMA FOUNDATION are here to protect kids either in care or who are out in the world on their own. We’re here to enforce the importance of community, the importance of keeping our arms open to all. We’re here to remind you that you will never walk alone.

Those wanting to donate to THE PYJAMA FOUNDATION directly can do so at www.thepyjamafoundation.com